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Ventana Lakes Waterfront Homes

If you’re going to move to a community built around its lakes such as Ventana Lakes, wouldn’t it make sense to look at homes that are located on the water?

Last month, I had clients who decided on Ventana Lakes but were undecided whether they wanted to be on or off the water. As soon as they walked into the backyard of a home on the lake, their choice was made.

Lakefront homes in Ventana Lakes are more limited in number than their landlocked brethren and therefore have held their value a little better over time.

But enough of my blathering … here’s what’s currently available on the water in Ventana Lakes. If you have questions about these or any of the other homes for sale in Ventana, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me and I’ll be happy to assist.

Why 14 Days for “Recent” Listings?

That seems like a reasonable question, doesn’t it? I mean, with the exploding inventory you hear about on television and in the newspapers there ought to be more than enough listings of homes for sale in Ventana Lakes coming every day to fill the map, right?

Well, no. There aren’t.

In fact, when I first set up the “Just Listed” page earlier today there was a very round number representing the total number of homes that had been listed for sale this week: zero. Going back 14 days I was able to find two and I called it quits there.

This shouldn’t be a major surprise. Ventana Lakes and other active adult communities operate on a different sales cycle than the rest of the Phoenix real estate market. When everyone else heats up in the spring, the market in Ventana Lakes cools off as winter visitors return home. And when the local macro-market cools in the fall, that’s when interest in Ventana Lakes picks up.

If the map starts to explode then maybe I’ll reduce the number of days on market to a week or less. But for now, the fortnight is right.

A New Way of Looking at Ventana Lakes Real Estate

The idea of selling real estate in Ventana Lakes through the Internet isn’t new – this website has been up and running for more than a year and there are a handful of others who at least provide some information about the area.

But as of today, there’s a new way of looking at the Ventana Lakes real estate market thanks to the good folks at Diverse Solutions.

Where once upon a time there was just a static list of homes for sale, today we’re introducing the first map-based Ventana Lakes real estate search under the “All Homes for Sale” tab.

The map both on that page and below shows the 20 least-expensive properties currently on the market in Ventana Lakes. But that’s just a starting point. Click on “beds” and change the number of bedrooms and the results will change. Same goes for “baths” and square footage. On the bottom of the map you can change the criteria to see the highest- or lowest-priced homes, or those that are most recent to the market.

All of the power now is in your hands – with no registration required and no obligation.

There are a handful of value-added services for which minimal information is required – for instance, if you want to save your favorite properties you’ll need to provide at least a name and e-mail address. But that’s it.

I hope you enjoy the flexibility and search power now in your hands. And as always, if you have any questions about Ventana Lakes, call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help.